Clearing out tags in LJ

While clearing out tags in LJ, I just found it quite interesting how words/tags like love have changed meanings for me through the years.
For example, I would tag something material I like before as love but now I would put it under wishlist, and love would mean relationship love, or romantic love.
Its just cute, to see how I've changed. :)

Procrastinate better.

 To start off the new year, I just bought myself a book (Neil Gaiman's "Smoke and Mirrors) that I promise I would finish before February starts. Hopefully, it would help me resist the urge to read fan fictions, download Japanese magazines, play SIMS, and check Facebook, Twitter and Plurk everyday! Therefore at the top of my new year's resolution is... drum roll please!

If I have to procrastinate, at least procrastinate with another educational excuse!

And that's it. Of course there's my yearly, 'get some more sleep', 'sleep early', 'don't be late' resolutions... but whatever, it's been years and I've not changed!

Hopefully, you guys have a much, much, much better new year's resolution than my mine. ^_^

Reading for Recreation

I'm so eager for vacation mode na... too bad there are still lots of things to do. And a whole damn lot more when Sem Break is over.

But for now I've compiled a list of books/ stories I wanna read.... dahil WALA LANG. :) Just for the fun of it... it's been a long time since I've wanted to read, so I'm succumbing to choices out of sheer impulse and wonder. (e-book reads just doesn't count, really, sorry Dan Brown, you were the last novel I read.)

Alice in Wonderland (2010) Box Art

Lewis Caroll's
Alice in Wonderland

Because Gaiman's Coraline is being compared to it and, of course because of the Tim Burton film.

But sue me, I hated the animated film. Let's see if reading it can make me change my mind.



Neil Gaiman's

I had wanted to buy this book the first time I saw this cover, except that it just screamed "horror," was on hardbound, and so definitely cost more than my budget... I ended up buying Anansi Boys instead. That was my first ever encounter with Neil Gaiman, although I hated Anansi, I loved Stardust (the movie), and Coraline (the movie).
I guess it's about time to get a copy of this... almost-impulse-buy.
jacket image for Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen - large version
Sense and Sensibiliy
by Jane Austen

I figured I've never really read anything 'classic' without being forced to, save for Sherlock Holmes... so why not give this a try? 
OKAY, it's the cover that got me. And it's incredibly cheap. I'LL BUY ONE when sembreak starts. :)

And why not Pride and Prejudice? It's another illogical reason... I just preferred reading a book with my name on it. LOL.
Nah, I've watched the movie... I might not get the 'thrill' of discovery.

Her Fearful Symmetry
by Audrey Niffenegger

I just found the summary interesting, and haunting, and... I'm not really sure what to expect But it gives me the feeling that I should read this.

My sad answer to that is: "When it becomes cheaper." teeehee~

Which reminds me, I haven't watched The Time Traveller's Wife yet, and I had wanted to watch when I get the time.... on second thought, have I bought a "CD" yet? I can't seem to find it.


Roald Dahl's
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Maybe some part of me just want to read out on all the children's stories I missed out my entire childhood that's why I want to read this. The fantasy world inside the Wonka factory is something I would have loved to imagine as a child... and even at this age, I still kind of like the idea of a yummy wonderland.

But still, there exists in my mind something that doubts whether I'll enjoy a Dahl creation outside the film adaptations. :-/

Dreams from My Father

Had been wanting to read it since early this year when Obama was fresh in his office.

I'm just afraid it would bore me... which would lead it to be stuck in a corner pile along with The Alchemist. (I'm serious about the 'Alchemist' I just read 6 pages and forgot about it altogether, I don't even know where the book is anymore. tsk tsk)


So there, my supposed reading list that would last until December... but honestly, out of these 6, the only books that I know I would really be able to read are Sense and Sensibility, because I would have gotten it last Monday if I hadn't known I wouldn't be able to control myself, and Coraline, or maybe Dreams. I want to read Dreams terribly but I just know I wouldn't buy because of the 'how much' factor. HAHAHAHA.. After all, it might come straight from my allowance.


10:29 pm: Start of another day.

It's 10:06 pm and I've just started to begin an academic weekend day!

Things that should happen this week:
  1. History PLAYBILL! --> I hope I won't fail this time.
  2. Be a registered voter!
  3. Stat LT 3. SH*T.
  4. Edit that commission. ^_^
  5. Gossip girl. I miss you Chuck Bass! ♥
  6. Buy the Fil book: Ginto sa Makiling, hopefully it would be interesting. I really need the grade.
  7. Manila International Book Fair: I am so going to buy Dan Brown's new book: The Lost Symbol because I had not read a book for entertainment for months now. T.T I hope, hope, hope NSTP would be on Saturday morning because that would be the only day I'm free.
  8. SJGM Mooncake festival on Sunday. ^_^ Hopes to win big this year.
  9. My car! Please, please, please let the damage on that car be minimal. WAH! It just totally FAILED on me on top of a bridge. T.T One week na, no news pa rin. T.T
Yun lang. Ciao.

(no subject)

The Church loses its power to the scientists and is pushed into a dark corner. Without the threat of death hanging over their heads, many Christian scholars begin to publish countless books exhibiting detailed examples of contradicting verses and evidence of modification and tampering with the text of the Bible. The ancient manuscripts of the Christian society are studied in detail and slowly, the previous picture begins to come together. Countless excuses are made by the Church and those who's livelihood and power depend on these established beliefs. They now begin to give practically every single verse of the Bible "abstract" meanings. They tell their flock to have blind faith. They convince their flock that they can not understand the Bible without the interpretation and holy inspiration of the Church. They tell their flock that Jesus (pbuh) never means what he says and that every reference he makes to following the religion of Moses (pbuh) is not meant to be taken "literally" but was meant by Jesus (pbuh) to have "hidden" meanings totally in opposition to the obvious measnings. Only they can tell you what these hidden meanings of Jesus (pbuh) were.

Source: [link]

um.. can I just say... I find this easier to believe rather than the 13 years worth of Catholic education I got. I mean... seriously, when my HS teacher started saying that everything Jesus did or said, or whatever Adam and Eve did was a metaphor or something... it began to become really crazy. Like fiction. Haha! I mean, if God wanted us to get the message, I don't think He should go through with all the troubles of creating vague passages with metaphors you can't be sure about, I'd think He would get straight to the point. But... what the hell.
Childish fears

Deviant Art gallery and scraps

This afternoon while I was figuring out which pieces of my digital art to submit for my portfolio requirements for MISA (azurite04  wouldn't let me bypass the system, booo~), I browsed through my DevArt gallery and was dismayed at the lack of presentable stuff. I mean, half the things there were from my experimenting years, though I believe I'm still experimenting now... but that's besides the point.

I just feel weird that while applying to AMA, my DevArt works are the ones they could see from, you know, "stalking" me. So now, I've decided to clear all my stuff and move all those unappealing stuff to scraps (just couldn't bring myself to delete them, even if they're ugly to me right now, they're still part of my growing up stage.)

Meh, must add some more stuff... like my ads I guess? zOMG. I think I haven't really done a lot of things for myself... almost all of those stuff left are for orgs, orgs, orgs!! 

Anyway, flood!


Hopefully, this gallery is more presentable for my org applications, (yes, I'm applying to become a slave, again, and I enjoy it. Masochist!)



Live Journal Privacy settings

The online world is such an unsafe place. No, nothing bad has happened to me over the net. Yet. And no, none of the people I know has something happened to them because of something over the net. But these days, I have just come to realize how big the world wide web really is, and how rapidly technology is changing the way we communicate. Yes, whatever I'm writing is already overrated... but it's just became clearer when I realized it.

Maybe it was when somebody mentioned something about being able to find people from the net. And no, I'm not talking about Facebook either. (God bless Facebook for its customizable Privacy settings!) I'm talking about being able to find people's criminal records, bankruptcies, aliases, neighbors, lawsuits! It was a scary feeling to hear about it! The name of the website has already escaped me, but googling the web for the same kind of service proved easy enough: People Finder. This one is applicable to the US for now.. but who knows, tomorrow, maybe even the Third World would be searchable!

Throughout the years, I know I've posted a lot of all too private details over the net because I like the millions and billions out there thought that I'm but a speck of dust in the world wide web... but no, not anymore. I just shudder to think that the whole world might be able to see all my stupid 'emo' posts when I was younger when they so will to see it.

So, damn Live Journal for not giving me those Mass Privacy settings for free. I seriously cannot be bothered with manually privatizing all my entries here... for all I know, I've already written hundreds of stupid entries without realizing it. And the process of privatizing in itself is hard. I have to open up every entry and edit the privacy settings, and then go to the next entry to do it all over again. Worse comes to worst, when I really have become very, very paranoid, maybe I should just delete the whole blog and make a new one, a more meaningful blog.

Haha! I don't really wanna let go of this marsian_swings, as a name... if only I could delete it and resurrect it again. Hayz. T.T


Identity vs Intimacy

Some magnificent question from Psych this afternoon has still got me on its tenterhooks, so here goes the poem I found that relates to it:

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made friendships, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine.
Friendships that have stood the test--
Time and change--are surely best;
Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray,
Friendship never knows decay.
For 'mid old friends, tried and true,
Once more we our youth renew.
But old friends, alas! may die,
New friends must their place supply.
Cherish friendship in your breast--
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
and, this poem snippet that I can never cease to quote: It was not foes to conquer,
Nor sweethearts to be kind,
But it was friends to die for
That I would seek and find.

I sought them far and found them,
The sure, the straight, the brave,
The hearts I lost my own to,
The souls I could not save.
They braced their belts about them,
They crossed in ships the sea,
They sought and found six feet of ground,
And there they died for me.


Gratitude post.

This is my crazy gratitude post.

I wanna thank Jan for helping get started with stupid Statistics, wanna thank Pam and Kyle and Mark for lending me their notes, wanna thank Han for always noticing and for giving me her food, was ever so hungry awhile ago. I wanna thank Marianne and Shai and all the AdComm managers for making the Trainstation work a while ago even though I had a lot of things that I didn't do that I should have done, wanna thank Kiko for doing his best to make the small technical details work. I wanna thank the guy who left his seat for me in the LRT, for this crazy week of 3 hour sleeps, that means a lot to me. I wanna thank Jackie and Rasia and Nikki and Pam (again) for watching HP6 with me, like that was the best after-movie rant ever! I wanna thank Jerinae for her crazy yaoi fantasy which got me relaxed in the Long Test hours ago.Last, wanna thank you guys for reading this, mahirap mag-thanks sa Twitter with only the 160 character thing. :D

Explain tomorrow.

I just wanna shell this out tonight. The LRT guy has been bugging my thoughts for days.