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13 September 2009 @ 09:50 pm
10:29 pm: Start of another day.  
It's 10:06 pm and I've just started to begin an academic weekend day!

Things that should happen this week:
  1. History PLAYBILL! --> I hope I won't fail this time.
  2. Be a registered voter!
  3. Stat LT 3. SH*T.
  4. Edit that commission. ^_^
  5. Gossip girl. I miss you Chuck Bass! ♥
  6. Buy the Fil book: Ginto sa Makiling, hopefully it would be interesting. I really need the grade.
  7. Manila International Book Fair: I am so going to buy Dan Brown's new book: The Lost Symbol because I had not read a book for entertainment for months now. T.T I hope, hope, hope NSTP would be on Saturday morning because that would be the only day I'm free.
  8. SJGM Mooncake festival on Sunday. ^_^ Hopes to win big this year.
  9. My car! Please, please, please let the damage on that car be minimal. WAH! It just totally FAILED on me on top of a bridge. T.T One week na, no news pa rin. T.T
Yun lang. Ciao.
marsian 헤겨marsian_swings on September 17th, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
Dan Brown book---crapness, wala atang paperback. T.T
Sabi ni Jan sa City Hall daw! ^_^